This morning I woke up with the thought…that I would make the day productive by asking myself what I can do to be more productive.

First of all I decided to make all three meals at home…with all the creatvity that I could muster….then I decided to cut up an old corduroy jeans which was too long, to calf length…was very happy that I had cut it for the exact length..just above the calf and it looked great! Now, I was left with two pieces of legs which looked ideal to turn it into a skirt for my daughter….decided to be “productive” and take it as a project…opened the seams and then got stuck because I did not have a sewing machine to stitch the pieces together…and didn’t want to beg the local tailor who would invariably delay the project….so…kept breathing and told myself to take it one step at a time….and by the time I finished opening the seams…an idea stuck me…why not use the fabric glue!!

A lesson here…just take a step at time and the next thing will be taken care of!

after the gum job…I am planning to stitch an old skirt’s waistband to the piece and make it wearable….but I am wondering how productive is the whole exercise …was it a good use of my time and energy…couldn’t I have bought a brand new skirt if the need be?


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