Today, was the day of taking stock of situations and taking deliberate action based on the how things were at the given point of time….had to buy a saree for 10k for a family function…decided to do it with the female members of the family rather than take my husband…which would have turned out to be quite the circus…was surprised that I was very clear on what I wanted to buy and chose something within three attempts!!

The best part of the day was however, listening to Titi Robin’s gypsy jazz live….wow…at the  first note…I was like, oh….why haven’t I nourished myself with live music in a while…it just communicates to the soul…what a feeling! was gyrating and even head banging….while holding my two year old and at times even standing out on the steps with him and still tuned in fully to the music…was awe struck by the presence the guy had on stage…it was magical!

So, coming back to intervention…decided to take the whole family for the concert and even the two year old…felt that all of us need to be together and enjoying…worked out good!


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