Last week, as I came back home after picking up my son from school…I suddenly became aware of a pulsating pain in my foot. I tried affirmations and then pulled out my acupressure books to relieve the pain and remembered how I keep telling everybody in my family to not look at pain as enemy…it is trying to tell that something is wrong…it is only a signal and therefore it is stupid to try to mute the pain with painkillers.
Meanwhile, my pain kept from going bad to worse…and I had a family function where I had to cook up a large meal for about 6-8 ppl….the more I thought about the morning, the pain became incapacitating. Soon, I was running a mild fever and mumbling….that’s when I decided to go to the physiotherapist who is right across the street…limped my way into his clinic. One look and he said it has nothing to do with the foot…the pain is radiating from the lower back and a nerve is getting pinched on the left side due to wonky posture…HUH!…and all the while I was treating my ankle with acupressure…no wonder.
Quickly the guy, put me on a plan to visit his clinic for a week and then subsequent weekly reviews…blah blah…
after just one sitting…the pain disappeared….I could do everything with ease..except anything to do with forward bending.
There are two reasons for writing this post:
1. the awareness about pain…possible links with mental..emotional state and the discomfort that we don’t notice…until it turns into a crisis…the proof of that is… I feel totally aligned and I realise that I had a discomfort in my foot for a very long time.
2. post this incident my therapist has asked me not to go to the gym for a week..that makes me lose momentum that I had gathered …why don’t these medical ppl think of quickly putting the patient back to the grind and certainly starting exercising asap…which would definitely work more effectively then starting all over again!
I would love to know your views on this…


2 thoughts on “pain

  1. totally agree with ur point shalini. we all hear …’ learn to accept ur pain’ ..etc etc.. i would learn to accept it if its bearable.. 🙂 rite? just kidding.. anyway… thts true tht pain is the way of your body telling you something is wrong and we need to take care of it asap!

    and there is the pain that arises due to stress and emotional upheavals. but then, who really thinks about it? whether it is physical or emotional, the best way of dealing with it is taking a painkiller and going about ur day as if nothing is the problem.. thts wht most of us do.

    asking not to go to the gym for a week… he doesn’t know what he is saying!!!!!! the routine is broke.. then we would have to do it all over again..yes… i agree with you totally.

  2. Shalini, There is so much to learn from your post. I never thought that way, I need to think about my pain now (physical, emotional).

    Manjusha is right, I treat my pain with ibuprofen all the time.

    Physiotherapist reminded me of my disc herniation in 2006 where doctor’s said I have to go for surgery. I refused and did physiotherapy(first time in life) for two months and pain went away,never went for surgery.

    Not sure about future though. I went to Disney with my son and after 5 hours of walking back pain came back.

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