right or wrong?

I read this message and it shaped my day…as I decided to be aware of this while dealing with people during the course of the day:

For you to be right, do others have to be wrong? For you to
be good, do others have to be evil?Ask yourself this: “Is there a secret desire in me to be the one who is ‘right’ and to persecute those who don’t agree with me and are therefore ‘wrong’?””Do not provoke anyone or argue with them, either for the sake of the faith or on account of their evil deeds, but watch over yourself to make sure you don’t accuse anyone in any matter.

If you would correct them, then say a word or two to them with
tears and love. For love does not know how to be angry or
provoked or to passionately reproach anyone. The proof of love
and knowledge is profound humility.”

I would say the experiment made me choose a response with love rather than trying to teach others what I think was” right”!

By the end of the day I had a lovely feeling of calmness and a sense of heightened awareness….I also noticed a feeling of balance in the outer and inner!

As usual your comments are valuable…


2 thoughts on “right or wrong?

  1. This is my favorite topic. I am trying my best everyday to understand people and where they come from…as you understand their situation you suddenly realize there is no right or wrong…Its hard though..atleast for me.. you still have an idea of right or wrong according to your belief, culture, religion, life style etc etc…

  2. perfectly understand what you are trying to say…let’s just say , thnak god life is not just black and white….there are shades! sometimes it is difficult for us to understand this as we want to rationalize everything.

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