March Musings!

Well…I haven’t been writing for sometime!

A girl’s life  isn’t easy …with two kids(one of them a toddler) and now looking after an 86 year old father-in-law. The day goes by seeing to it that everybody is happy and managing everyone’s emotional state. At the end of it all there is hardly any time I can set out to figure out what I want to do.

ok…before this becomes a sob story lemme quickly share some good things…see there i go again trying to make everyone smile:)

The other day we went to the beach and I proudly presented my son with a new “beach set”. He was delighted and quickly started using it and then after a while he dug out a disposable plastic spoon from the sand ….pronto…the “set” was forgotten and he was happy digging with the spoon…and I sighed….hmmm…such is life!

In the meantime my daughter pestered me to buy her a kite…dad and daughter went to choose a kite ….and of course the dad had to show her how…which took an entire session at the beach where she was left just looking at the kite…now I have to do another kite flying session with her again…such is life!!


One thought on “March Musings!

  1. This is my favorite line. I am not sure where it came from ” Happiness is just state of mind, everybody has a different trigger for it.” Kids are perfect example, playing with sand, flying kite and eating pizza is happiness for them. I wish adult had the same attitude.

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