exam mania!

March and April are not only hot here because of the weather but also the kind of heat that builds and leads to exam fever.
My husband and I almost became fatality in the first exam that our daughter has to take up. Till now she didn’t have any, she is in 5th grade now.
One day before the exam the apple of our eyes could not find her textbook and that led to an anxiety attack for my husband who made her clean her whole room,I had no clue as I was taking care of the son. As I came to the room I saw heaps and piles of books and clothes and I was like…what are you guys upto!!!
Here I must mention that I am the official finder of the family…god knows how people just miss out something from right under their noses. So, I was asked to find the textbook which was right there ofcourse just under the bedsheet.
After that, in the evening yegi and I concluded that it is good that our daughter has no fear of the exams…which we all had to suffer through in varying degrees. While we were biting our nails and getting nauseous about not being able to find the textbook…she was just being matter of fact…and would have just shrugged if we had asked her about how she will manage.
On the first day of exam,we went to pick her up and she asked her to buy snacks. We all went to a shop and bought snacks for a century…and that’s when we realised that we were snacking like there is no tomorrow cause we felt empty after the whole anxiety/worry feeling wasn’t there…but we had to fill up with something.
Having no fear is good but I hear myself repeatedly telling her it is no good that she doesn’t have any respect for what she is doing at any given instance….makes me wonder if fear is a good motivator…for learning,discipline and for other things in life……IS IT?


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