Brand Identity

For a long time I have looked upto people who had done something great and supposedly made their lives and always wondered if they have feet of clay.

After a few year of working on the self I realized it was just a matter of putting your focus on something and achieving it. Something still seemed missing as the people who made their mark had to lose something in the bargain and they seemed to have become so rigid about their current id/ego. Most of them lost their childlike curiosity and openess which reflected in friends and family moving away from them. The new person which emerged needed space of their own, an independence to be their new self which feared going back to their old lives and ways.

I recently attended a workshop on renewal…letting go of old to make space for new. Here we learnt how our identity gets split at different stages of life and the parts which are left behind are always creating conflict inside. So if you have made through and are not peaceful and contended in your current situation, it would help to look at the past memories and events to resolve them and release the emotional charge stuck in the younger you or the event. When you bring all of you in the present there is much energy to enjoy the present moment. The past does not seem glorious or gloomy…it is done with and left safely on the plate of your consciousness.

p.s. the purpose of this post is to bring awareness…the work remains yours!



One thought on “Brand Identity

  1. Be contended or not to be contended(peaceful) is a debate. If I look at the past then I have over achieved my personal or professional goals. Because of my situation in the past, I didn’t set high goals at the first place or they were high at that time but not now. Goals(personal and professional) keep changing and leading to unhappiness or discontent.

    Key is to balance, which is hard. Look at the past and be contended, at the same time not be contended because you want to be better. While doing all this make sure you keep personal and professional life in balance.

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