are you an apple or banana or an aspiring pineapple?

This morning during a conversation I had with my other significant half I became aware of how some of us are apples and some bananas.
The apples think they are good and the bananas think they are better and when an apple or a banana is not satisfied in its current situation they want to change to a pineapple which they consider is the best or their ideal. So what’s wrong you might ask? Well…think of the skin level difference…do you get the feel?
Change itself is not bad. But if you change when you’re not ready and therefore not complete the change, it shows.
How? Watch out for a constant sense of ….irritation!
If you have made the change and you still find irritation in your internal yes INTERNAL because externally you can fake it with a content smile and a quick demeanour and a list of your professional achievements…then the change is not complete or natural.
So why does one change when not ready? External pressure as in peer pressure, parental approval, society, surroundings, pets, kids…..
I haven’t included spouse in this because I believe that it is one relationship which cannot stand inauthenticity. Levels of inauthenticity mentioned here is for another post!
Change Truly Happens When the Discomfort of the Old is Greater than Fear of the New.
The Golden middle…it is ok to be an apple or banana or even a pineapple…deal with problems not with the identity or forever you wander without a soul trying to fit in. Ok “Forever” is too severe let’s change it to till one wakes out of their reverie.


One thought on “are you an apple or banana or an aspiring pineapple?

  1. Change…a true change happens only from within. Like you said..when the discomfort of the past is worse than the fear of the new.. Anyother kind of change, especially one brought on by the need to impress is not true change or change that will being betterment. This type of change will only erode the soul.
    Whether one is an apple, a banana or a pineapple…self-acceptance is the way to peace and finding your divinity…afterall, each of these is sweet and lovely in its own way.
    Nice thought to bring forth Shalini.

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