Believe or Not

To be a believer, one either inherits the capacity rather the set of beliefs approved by the previous generation, role models etc or it is strengthened by one’s own observation.
Is it better to be a believer? Yeah! people want to quickly cross check belief systems to go deeper in conversations and feel safe when they are with people of same mindset.
IMHO non believers have it a tad difficult. They not only fight against reality…”reality” as is presents itself to you at that given moment based on your level of consciousness, they also feel out of place generally.
I am not approving of a believer and not all non believers are just rebels. They are actually trying very hard to understand the truth. So, if it is done with an element of curiosity and an experimenting attitude it can be truly enriching.
So there are some beliefs that help and some don’t. Is your belief helping you with anything at all? Would you like to atleast experiment and find out the truth, another possibility perhaps!
It is not about black or white there are many shades in between. The black and white are within each other like the yin and the yang. The light cannot exist without the dark and truth cannot exist without the lie. Till one reaches the level where one can take in the reality of the “just the light or truth” there is going to be duality and confusion. It would help to stay in the space of a right mix of grounding and action!


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