Let’s define happiness..
There is an affirmation card on my fridge saying ‘wouldn’t it be nice…if I treated work as play’!
Work as I have percieved  from childhood is tiresome, time-consuming, pays your bills and mostly leaves you drained by the end of the day or probably by the end of life.
What are we working for…who are we working for…how are we working…if we paid any attention to these questions we would probably not blame everything going wrong in our lives regarding work or in relationship to work.
There are three kinds of workers actually…one who go there do it and come back and hang their shirts for the day, the others who hang in the same shirt for two working days(10-12 hours of work) and the third kind who flirt with work and have an on off relationship with work…yep…the freelancers, work from home and the likes!

Oh! looks like there is a fourth kind as well people for whom their work is how they would lead their life…work which keeps them in touch with wisdom and love…the stuff which won’t leave you bitter by the end of your life!

So what to do when you are stuck in a job which leaves you drained…keep it if you must and spend the other hours pursuing what you love, say no to such a job and find something which would help you connect with others or bring in love and wisdom anyways…(for people who want to do that yet cannot walk the path of Dalai lama or get incarnated as one!)

p.s. Since I wrote this…I have now got a healing centre of my own where I IMG_6249practise energy medicine for mind and body transformation for self and others…just the kinda thing that I would like to call work which happens to be my passion!


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