What’s in it for me?

IMG_5087I have often wondered about the concept of a family.
Why do we need a family..what is this neurotic compulsive urge to set up a unit and play roles. Is it worth the time, effort and the energy that we put in.
Let’s explore this: family can be compared to a garden which needs a vision, nurturing  and constant maintenance to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
If the gardener is too orderly then there are pruned, shaped trees and gardener’s energy is fully consumed in maintaining a sense of order with not much personal energy left to pursue other things.
If the gardener looks at the work to be done and gets overwhelmed and quickly finds escape routes the garden would soon have weeds and dead leaves everywhere.
If the gardener is taken up by a sense of entitlement that i have done all this by myself and as soon as the first crisis hits the dream is shattered.
The ideal gardener works and then looks at the garden with a sense of gratitude and taking time to enjoy all that was envisioned even when there are things to be done and it still looks imperfect.
You see the work ends when it does. There is no point in getting it all right and not deriving a sense of pleasure and building memories of time spent together.

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