Honouring Oneself!

IMG_4100It is of utmost importance to honour yourself for what you do.
If you are not able to honour yourself for what you do do something else.
One’s sense of pride in their work is an important indicator of whether they are doing a right job or not.
How do I honour my work….
It matches and supports my lifestyle.
It echoes my values.
It gives me a sense of expansion.
There is scope for continuous growth based on newly emerging truths and visions.
If I can bring a sense of liveliness into it everyday or it brings a sense of delightful challenge then it is a game.
Clocking in time or making a lot of money with your job can make you buy food and other things but not real nourishment.
Real nourishment comes from being able to apply wisdom to your knowledge.
To be able to extract the nutrients through an almost organic process to yield the juice. Trust and honour yourself when you are in the process however tough it might seem because sometimes we don’t know about the end result and the pressure seems to threatening to burst.
There is a saying “if you cry at every rub then how would you shine”.


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