Letting go

You may have heard this term quite often ‘let go’.
Oh haven’t you felt annoyed about what and how of it…what is one supposed to let go. How does one let go. Is it a switch to be pressed…wouldn’t that be easier for us.
So, I did some thinking and a few probabilities that came up were:
exhale-let go and get back to normal breathing
let go of expectations-changing the state from wanting to ready to receive
let go of how-do not hold onto how it should manifest
let go of final outcome-appreciate it in any form it arrives

The truth I hear is we are not even in control. Yes we can request but how and when we get it is not really in our hands. It sure is a friendly universe that either the wish comes true or something better happens unless we block it with our fears, doubts, anxieties etc.
So till then chill and let go…..pffff


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