love or hate…what would you choose?

One can choose to love or hate something, anything, parents, spouse or even the self.
Though hate is good too as it indicates what one does not like but continuing to wallowing in it is harmful to one’s own health. So if you are going to make a choice make an informed one.
Sometimes fake or desperate love masks the deeper hate which comes out every now and then to attack the other person when the burden is too heavy to carry.
it is good to be aware of one’s own inner feelings to be authentic within themselves and others.
Suppose a son hates father and does not work through his feelings he might end up taking it out on himself overworking, not following his real passion, indulging in addictions etc. He might go ahead and even take it out on his wife denying her feelings and not supporting her mentally, emotionally, economically or socially.
This is done subtly and may not be even be the intention of the person acting it out. However it is one’s responsibility to be aware of such patterns and get help. Else it may blow up when it becomes too bothersome to carry and then it spreads.
Some good questions would be to ask yourself are:
Do you feel that your needs are getting met?
Are you being respected in your relationship?
Are you able to freely ask for what you want?
Are you mostly trying to make others happy and finsihing their work on time while ignoring basic maintenance for yourself?
Does you relaxation only mean watching TV, reading papers, drinking and smoking indiscriminately?
Do you experience physical well being?
Do you feel like making a better contact with spouse and children yet feel the lack of connection?
Whatever you chose would be an active driver in your life and relationships.
Wake up,look around, take charge…you can make the change!


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