So there are a lot of women out there who want to break out sick with the behaviour of men in their lives.
While the behaviour is intolerable and unforgiving as it attacks the self confidence and self respect yet they are unable to raise their voice against it and even accept that it hurts while it happens again and again… relentlessly.
What is behind this inability is it the way they were brought up to go through hurtful behaviour while growing up with parents and siblings?
Does it feel shameful that it is happening to them and they do not want to scream or ask for help. Is it the guilt of feeling inadequate which keeps them in low energy and vibration unable to feel good for themselves and validate self for feeling deserving of good behaviour.
It is one thing to point the wrong and another to keep them in fear, guilt and shame so that they would accept it as their responsibility to let it remain a secret, wound perhaps addiction.
Wonder what would help heal this pattern which continues to wage a war as much within as outside.
What needs to change, shift?
How do we strengthen the feminine without making them masculine?
Where does it all start and where does it end?


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