This morning we had a debate at home about all the propaganda kinda messages on family whatsapp group about Mody and Government….how these messages seem pesky and inappropriate on the extended family whatsapp group!
We are living in a democracy with a chosen elected representative and not in some Raja-Praja system.
If anything needs to be praised it is the people who have largely agreed to this experiment and doing their bit to maintain peace while helping each other. People have managed to retain their sanity and not give in to fear and panic. By and large the law and order is being followed even though it has caused some inconvenience and calls for planning expenditures differently.
Last weekend after a call from relatives on stocking up I selected about 78 and odd stuff from big basket(groceries, veggies, fruits etc.). And then I decided to not go ahead with this panic shopping….having 5 kgs of wheat flour and rice might give me some extra food but thats not what the solution is!
I have survived this week and so did the nation and hope it continues to be so. And even if there are problems may we come up with viable solutions and camaraderie.
Its time to own up with the collective and self responsibility…. no more one person to be praised or to be brought down!


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