Market mania!

The following post is a fusion of ideas at 4:36 am between me and my significant half!
This post is not only based on my own perspective and opinion but it is also an observation of the consumerism tendencies in myself.
With the current demonetisation scenario one thing is surely up for change and that is the concept of ‘Market’. The bubble had swelled up enormously enough to upset the balance of the Eco system.
The hype, the frenzied activity and the liveliness of a buzzing economy had a feel good factor for everyone. Suddenly we could see families doing rounds in the mall, shopping and eating together on a weekly basis as against going to shop for festivals, functions and basic needs.
Services and products were being thought of, designed and packaged to cater to demands of individual and groups.
The downside of this was however the indiscriminate use of resources and a failure to think fully about the cleanup and refilling of resources.
Plastic and varied types of packaging along with the carbon footprints were growing without a thought or process to tackle it wisely.
Children were targeted to be taken to moon, well almost(actually to NASA)! To be shown the heights of growth and glory, to suggest and nudge them towards economic growth.
Did anyone think or care for their discarded tissues, water bottles, files, folders, food trays and packaging of all sorts?
Similarly, the organised birthday parties and weddings with tonnes of paper, flowers and food which turns useless and is left overflowing from the dustbin.
The various apparels, appliances, jewellery for woman and services to make her look delectably perfect were they enough to fill up her rightful anger, low self esteem and pain? The market was full of commodities to numb the pain temporarily.
Yet if we continue this way any longer we would have raided the entire planet in less than a decade!


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