Getting out of the Matrix

If one keeps their eyes open and mind in check there are many opportunities through the day from various people to learn.This morning as I headed to my healing centre, I stopped over to have some coconut water. After I finished drinking I  extended the empty shell towards the vendor signalling to him to take it and dispose it. He quietly signalled towards the dust bin which was very much out in the open. I am used to such people taking it from my hand out of courtesy, as a part of their job or just as an absent minded kinda of a thing they do or like there is some unspoken vow to treat others better than themselves.

This was a great opportunity for me to introspect as this was a silent peaceful interaction. The thoughts that ran in my mind were:
Had I become too bourgeoisie?
Why didn’t his action bring out any anger it actually amused me?
And the biggest realisation was to come out of the auto-pilot and be more aware of people and surroundings.
Taking some wisdom from this all of us need to take care of ourselves and not sink into unconscious patterns how we have been treated by our parents and other authority figures.

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