On a weekend course for integrated clinical hypnosis at an international community at Auroville the conversation at break time typically turned to comparing India with their respective countries. Since I was the only Indian in a group of ten different nationalities at times they felt apologetic about sounding critical of the Indian way of doing things whether it was dressing, education or culture and manners.
After day one, a lawyer from Brazil who had quit his job and was exploring the East Asian countries on a six month visa apologised for any bad feeling it might have caused and asked me what I felt about it? As I felt the eyes and attention from the 7 states of Europe and one from Brazil and another Australia awaiting my response I had a very unusual answer for once…I said,” I do not see things that way any more….I see people and maybe take a note of lifestyle choices but I am not in a judgemental space about it”.
Yes, it could me think, wonder, arouse curiosity but not a kind of separation. I am discovering humanity by letting go of my conditioning and evaluating for myself. For me choosing to see it my way only or being rigid about it causes limitation in my perception and understanding. However by noticing and not being caught by my thinking and judgement is expansion for me.
Okay… little sign of caution here: Do evaluate things for survival…like when you see a man looking like a terrorist approaching you with a gun.
The individual mind already carries with it a lot of conditions as favourable or unfavourable it thinks is important to survival. The conditioning starts at conception apart from the two predominant fears….the fear of falling and the fear of sudden loud noises. One keeps us in a vertical upright state so we can move around and not become glop! The other one keeps us alert to outside noises which could alert us against outside danger.And then there is past life conditioning apart from the conditioning from parents, caregivers, authority figures, religion, religious, spiritual figures, friends, role models etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if we used our conditioning to aid our growth and expansion rather than creating walls and separation to be locked up in a space of your own mind.


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