Letting go

You may have heard this term quite often ‘let go’.
Oh haven’t you felt annoyed about what and how of it…what is one supposed to let go. How does one let go. Is it a switch to be pressed…wouldn’t that be easier for us.
So, I did some thinking and a few probabilities that came up were:
exhale-let go and get back to normal breathing
let go of expectations-changing the state from wanting to ready to receive
let go of how-do not hold onto how it should manifest
let go of final outcome-appreciate it in any form it arrives

The truth I hear is we are not even in control. Yes we can request but how and when we get it is not really in our hands. It sure is a friendly universe that either the wish comes true or something better happens unless we block it with our fears, doubts, anxieties etc.
So till then chill and let go…..pffff

love or hate…what would you choose?

One can choose to love or hate something, anything, parents, spouse or even the self.
Though hate is good too as it indicates what one does not like but continuing to wallowing in it is harmful to one’s own health. So if you are going to make a choice make an informed one.
Sometimes fake or desperate love masks the deeper hate which comes out every now and then to attack the other person when the burden is too heavy to carry.
it is good to be aware of one’s own inner feelings to be authentic within themselves and others.
Suppose a son hates father and does not work through his feelings he might end up taking it out on himself overworking, not following his real passion, indulging in addictions etc. He might go ahead and even take it out on his wife denying her feelings and not supporting her mentally, emotionally, economically or socially.
This is done subtly and may not be even be the intention of the person acting it out. However it is one’s responsibility to be aware of such patterns and get help. Else it may blow up when it becomes too bothersome to carry and then it spreads.
Some good questions would be to ask yourself are:
Do you feel that your needs are getting met?
Are you being respected in your relationship?
Are you able to freely ask for what you want?
Are you mostly trying to make others happy and finsihing their work on time while ignoring basic maintenance for yourself?
Does you relaxation only mean watching TV, reading papers, drinking and smoking indiscriminately?
Do you experience physical well being?
Do you feel like making a better contact with spouse and children yet feel the lack of connection?
Whatever you chose would be an active driver in your life and relationships.
Wake up,look around, take charge…you can make the change!

The war within

How often do we find ourselves wanting to do something really nice and new for ourselves yet we don’t take immediate action and we sink back to our old ways of doing and being.
what stops us from bringing that new light, perspective, situation, experience into our lives?
lack of purpose
belief in oneself
trust in life
comfort zone
past experiences
the voice that says it is too much, not good enough, not safe.
Meanwhile life goes on and we end up doing many things we don’t want to do or habitually repeating some.
Got an idea…execute within 36 hours!

Getting out of the Matrix

If one keeps their eyes open and mind in check there are many opportunities through the day to learn from various people.
This morning as I walked out off my house to go to my healing centre, I stopped over to have some coconut water. After I finished drinking I just extended the empty shell towards the vendor to take it and dispose it. He quietly signalled towards the dust bin which was very much out in the open. I am used to such people taking it from my hand out of courtesy, as a part of their job or just as an absent minded kinda of a thing they do or like there is some unspoken vow to treat others better than themselves.
This was a great opportunity for me to introspect as this was a silent peaceful interaction.
However the thoughts that ran in my mind were:
Had I become too bourgeoisie?
Why didn’t his action bring out any anger it actually amused me?
And the biggest realisation was to come out of the auto-pilot and be more aware of people and surroundings.
Taking some wisdom from this all of us need to take care of ourselves and not sink into unconscious patterns how we have been treated by our parents and other authority figures.

Honouring Oneself!

IMG_4100It is of utmost importance to honour yourself for what you do.
If you are not able to honour yourself for what you do do something else.
One’s sense of pride in their work is an important indicator of whether they are doing a right job or not.
How do I honour my work….
It matches and supports my lifestyle.
It echoes my values.
It gives me a sense of expansion.
There is scope for continuous growth based on newly emerging truths and visions.
If I can bring a sense of liveliness into it everyday or it brings a sense of delightful challenge then it is a game.
Clocking in time or making a lot of money with your job can make you buy food and other things but not real nourishment.
Real nourishment comes from being able to apply wisdom to your knowledge.
To be able to extract the nutrients through an almost organic process to yield the juice. Trust and honour yourself when you are in the process however tough it might seem because sometimes we don’t know about the end result and the pressure seems to threatening to burst.
There is a saying “if you cry at every rub then how would you shine”.

What’s in it for me?

IMG_5087I have often wondered about the concept of a family.
Why do we need a family..what is this neurotic compulsive urge to set up a unit and play roles. Is it worth the time, effort and the energy that we put in.
Let’s explore this: family can be compared to a garden which needs a vision, nurturing  and constant maintenance to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
If the gardener is too orderly then there are pruned, shaped trees and gardener’s energy is fully consumed in maintaining a sense of order with not much personal energy left to pursue other things.
If the gardener looks at the work to be done and gets overwhelmed and quickly finds escape routes the garden would soon have weeds and dead leaves everywhere.
If the gardener is taken up by a sense of entitlement that i have done all this by myself and as soon as the first crisis hits the dream is shattered.
The ideal gardener works and then looks at the garden with a sense of gratitude and taking time to enjoy all that was envisioned even when there are things to be done and it still looks imperfect.
You see the work ends when it does. There is no point in getting it all right and not deriving a sense of pleasure and building memories of time spent together.


Let’s define happiness..
There is an affirmation card on my fridge saying ‘wouldn’t it be nice…if I treated work as play’!
Work as I have percieved  from childhood is tiresome, time-consuming, pays your bills and mostly leaves you drained by the end of the day or probably by the end of life.
What are we working for…who are we working for…how are we working…if we paid any attention to these questions we would probably not blame everything going wrong in our lives regarding work or in relationship to work.
There are three kinds of workers actually…one who go there do it and come back and hang their shirts for the day, the others who hang in the same shirt for two working days(10-12 hours of work) and the third kind who flirt with work and have an on off relationship with work…yep…the freelancers, work from home and the likes!

Oh! looks like there is a fourth kind as well people for whom their work is how they would lead their life…work which keeps them in touch with wisdom and love…the stuff which won’t leave you bitter by the end of your life!

So what to do when you are stuck in a job which leaves you drained…keep it if you must and spend the other hours pursuing what you love, say no to such a job and find something which would help you connect with others or bring in love and wisdom anyways…(for people who want to do that yet cannot walk the path of Dalai lama or get incarnated as one!)

p.s. Since I wrote this…I have now got a healing centre of my own where I IMG_6249practise energy medicine for mind and body transformation for self and others…just the kinda thing that I would like to call work which happens to be my passion!